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We Need More Cybersecurity Techs

We Need More Cybersecurity Techs October, as many people now know, is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. But where exactly does the awareness come from, and who is gathering the information nee... read more..


Top Scams of the Week: October 25th 2014

Each week, the Identity Theft Resource Center works with a number of agencies to stay on top of the biggest threats to consumers’ personally identifiable information and financial security. The ITRC s... read more..


FL Courts Strike a Blow for Individual Privacy

A Florida case involving a drug dealer may have changed the face of individual privacy in this country. The police in the case used a few different methods to locate and apprehend the suspect without ... read more..


Identity theft risks come as businesses use social media for marketing

Businesses rejoice in their ability to promote directly and for free to customers and prospects using social media. While social media has created no-cost marketing opportunities, it also has created... read more..


Cybersecurity a Major Concern for Small Businesses

In the wake of the Target breach, the Home Depot breach, the PF Chang’s breach, and hundreds of other corporate hacking events that made headlines in the last year, it’s easy to assume that cybercrime... read more..


Are Hackers Really All That Bad?

With so much talk about hacking events and data breaches, and with Hollywood’s constant portrayal of the cyber bad guys, it can be easy to forget that simply being a hacker isn’t necessarily a bad thi... read more..


Top Scams of the Week: October 20th 2014

Each week, the Identity Theft Resource Center works with Scam Detector to bring you news of the most prevalent or most recent scams and fraud crimes of the previous week. The following information has... read more..


Social Media Site Whisper in an Anonymity Battle

Nothing is ever private on the internet, or at least that’s the mantra that tech-savvy members of the digital age will tell you. Any website that tells you otherwise just might have a reason to “prote... read more..


Google Slowly Tackling EU’s Right to Be Forgotten Law

In a matter that has frustrated both individuals and open internet advocates, Google is slowly making its way through the mountain of requests that have flooded their offices since the EU ruled earlie... read more..


Spear Phishing: The Latest Twist on Email Scams

Anyone who’s spent any time around the internet has probably heard of phishing emails, or those really strange messages that try to get you to click a link or reveal personal information about yoursel... read more..


Utility Bill, Repairman Scams on the Rise

As fall advances and brings cooler temperatures with it, there’s a particularly heartless scam that preys on people’s fears of losing their electricity or other utilities. This scam particularly victi... read more..


Top Scams of the Week: October 13th 2014

Each week, the ITRC works with Scam Detector to inform the public about the newest or most prevalent scams that targeted the public in the prior week. Thanks to reports from affected citizens, you can... read more..


Rumors of “The Snappening” Has Some App Users Terrified

When the social media site Snapchat first appeared on the internet, it didn’t take long for its built-in appeal to become obvious to its hordes of mostly younger users. In essence, Snapchat worked by ... read more..


California Approves Limited Cyber Security Legislation

California Governor Edmund Brown, Jr., signed proposed ID theft legislation into law on September 30th, marking a significant step in protecting citizens from data breaches and the resulting fraud. Th... read more..


Every business needs a data-breach response plan

"What do we do next?" Picture this: Your small business has been hacked and you are now asking yourself, your business partners or your management team that question. If the question characterizes t read more..


Creating a Cyber-Safe Workplace

One of the touchiest subjects concerning the use of technology in any workplace has got to be the policies concerning social media use and private account use. With the rise in popularity of bring you... read more..


Data Security Is Only as Good as the Products that Use It

It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and this week’s theme is Secure Development of IT Products. What does that mean to consumers? It means working to protect technology and personal data thr... read more..


AT&T Employee Responsible for Second Data Breach

News broke this week of a breach of AT&T customers’ data, the second event this year for the cellular provider. In an eerily similar method of stealing private information for the purpose of reusi... read more..


Top Scams of the Week: October 6th 2014

Each week, the ITRC works with Scam-Detector to bring you news of the most prevalent or most harmful scams to affect consumers during the previous few days. This information, compiled from sources lik... read more..


Scamming Consumers by Pretending to Protect Them

We’ve probably all seen some ridiculous emails that try to swindle us out of our money or our data, and it might seem like email scammers and their malicious phishing attempts aren’t even trying all t... read more..


JPMorgan Confirms Data Breach Affecting 83 Million Accountholders

In the latest round of confirmed data breaches, banking giant JPMorgan Chase—arguably the largest US bank—has announced that hackers may have accessed the secure information of approximately 83 millio... read more..


In October, learn more about cybersecurity

If you are a business owner or consumer, it's time to mark your calendar for National Cyber Security Awareness Month to educate yourself, employees and your customers on the latest identity-theft and ... read more..


New Fixes Already Rolling Out for Shellshock, Bash Bug

The Heartbleed security flaw from a few months ago may have put everyone on edge about internet security, and it’s a good thing it did. The response to the most recent bug has been a lot more low-key,... read more..


Robert Siciliano of Joins ITRC Board of Directors

Robert Siciliano of Joins ITRC Board of Directors SAN DIEGO, Calif. – The ITRC, a nationally recognized organization dedicated to the understanding of identity theft and related i... read more..


It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

If you’re like most people, you may not think much about cyber security until an incident or event causes you to have to revisit your personal data’s safety. But October is National Cyber Security Awa... read more..

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