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Eva Casey Velasquez as its new President/CEO

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ITRC Announces Eva Casey Velasquez as new President/CEO The Identity Theft Resource Center has just announced the appointment of Eva Casey Velasquez as its new President/CEO. V... read more..


Ten Thousand Identity Theft Rings Operating in the United States

A report published by identity intelligence research organisation ID Analytics last month indicates that there are approximately ten thousand different identity theft rings operating in the US. The or... read more..


Business Identity Theft

The problem of identity theft is slowly making progress in the sphere of awareness for the general public, but business identity theft is a less known and understood crime. Business identity theft is ... read more..


Staying Safe While Selling Online

Over at the Identity Theft Resource Center, we have had more than our share of requests for information on how to stay safe while shopping online this holiday season. However, earlier today I began to... read more..


Medical identity theft

Medical identity theft occurs when somebody uses your information to obtain medical treatment without your knowledge or consent. Unlike traditional identity theft that requires a social security numbe... read more..


All Is Not Fair in Love and War

They say that all is fair in love and war. We at the Identity Theft Resource Center beg to differ. Rarely does a day go by that our victim advisors do not a field a call from someone who has fallen fo... read more..


Domestic Violence and Identity Theft

Violence at the hands of a domestic partner is often rooted in that partner's desire to control. This need to control another human being can take the form of physical violence, verbal abuse and in ma... read more..


Wiped Out? Or Not?

Like millions of other people, I got my first smartphone for work, not personal use. And, just like most other digital device users, my personal life soon became a part of whatever smart phone I was u... read more..


ITRC Identity Theft Twitter Chat

We are very excited to begin yet another venture in our mission to reach consumers and educate them about identity theft. This Thursday, December 6th ITRC will be hosting our first ever identity theft... read more..


Data Breach Notification Letters and What You Should Do

The Identity Theft Resource Center has been receiving hundreds of calls regarding a specific data breach notification letter from a debt collection law firm in the state of Florida. The letter was sen... read more..

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