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Top 10 Most Popular ITRC Blog Posts of 2014

It's been a big year for identity theft and data breaches, and more than ever consumers like you are looking for information to protect themselves. This year alone, there have been 761 data breaches w... read more..


Be proactive in fighting electronic pickpockets

No doubt the Sony hack and black mail of its employees, vendors and contractors is giant news and the talk of the country. It's easy for this story to become a diversion -- and that's what electronic ... read more..


Re-Shipping Scams Can Land You in Hot Water

Re-Shipping Scams Can Land You in Hot Water At one point or another, we’ve probably all dreamed about how great it would be to work from home. No boss comi... read more..


ITRC Call Center Statistics: Child Identity Theft

As part of our mission as a non-profit service organization, the Identity Theft Resource Center maintains a website and toll-free call center that allows individuals to reach out for help 24-hours a d... read more..


Don’t Let Santa Letter Scams Turn You into a Grinch!

Kids these days are so tech-savvy, right? Ask any parent or grandparent and you’ll be regaled with stories about how kids today are just so much more worldly and aware, and so much less quick to belie... read more..


What EXACTLY is Identity Theft?

When we think of identity theft, we might think of a simple matter of having someone use our credit cards or open a new line of credit in our names. But identity theft just isn’t that simple. There ar... read more..


Is Sony data breach a sign of things to come in 2015?

Is Sony's data-breach event about to change how hackers go after our personally identifiable information in 2015? When the news broke that the information of more than 6,800 Sony employees including ... read more..


Top Scams of the Week: December 15, 2014

Each week, the non-profit Identity Theft Resource Center works with government agencies, cybersecurity organizations, and other industry experts to provide the public with the most up-to-date informat... read more..


Check Cashing Scams Are Back

Scammers and thieves have adapted to the digital world we live in by coming up with newer, more effective crimes that prey on technology users. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the “old school,”... read more..


You Decide: Instant Credit – Help or Harm?

It seems like there’s never a good time to be low on funds, but the holidays are an especially difficult time for individuals in need. With gift giving expenses piling up, slower workloads for daily w... read more..


When Phishing Emails Turn Ugly

If you’ve been around a computer and email for any length of time, you’ve probably come across more than your fair share of phishing emails. These messages, named due to their intention of getting you... read more..


Know the Facts About Rent to Own

YOU DECIDE: Is Rent to Own Right for You? For victims of identity theft, one of the most frustrating parts of the process is enduring the damage to their credit reports. Even if the case is handled e... read more..


Charity Scams Take our Holiday Cheer – Here Are a Few Warning Signs

Charity Scams Take our Holiday Cheer – Here Are a Few Warning Signs At the holidays, people tend to be more aware of the needs of others. Whether it’s beca... read more..


Sony Hack is a Reminder that Strong Passwords are a Must

One of the highest profile hackings in recent months isn’t newsworthy because of the number of consumers affected - in this case, when Sony Pictures was hacked five films (four of which are currently ... read more..


Open Enrollment Healthcare Scams

The insurance industry has long relied on a system of open enrollment periods to sign up new members or make changes to current members’ plans for healthcare coverage, but with recent federal changes ... read more..


Top Scams of the Week: December 8th, 2014

Each week, the Identity Theft Resource Center, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, works with government agencies, related organizations and businesses, and industry experts to bring you the most up-... read more..


A look at the 24/7 ITRC Call Center

Each month, the Identity Theft Resource Center provides assistance to thousands of individuals who have been the victims of identity theft or are looking for information. The ITRC follows up on the ki... read more..


Read fine print when buying ID-theft protection services

Deception, exaggerated threats and flawed offers are some of the improper practices being used by some ID-theft protection companies, according to Consumer Reports. It's so rampant in this industry th... read more..


Just want to commend Kat

I  just want to commend Kat, she’s been a great help,  I’ve never dealt with ID theft, and hoped I would never have to, but she’s been a great help with all of the information, it has been a bit overw... read more..


New Facebook Terms Have Resulted in a Hoax

There’s a minor hoax going around social media, one that seems to be completely harmless but that says a lot about what many users do not know about sites like Facebook. When Facebook announced it had... read more..


Where Do Your Photos Go Once You Post Them Online?

Social media and image sharing sites have made it possible for families and friends to be connected no matter how far geography separates them. With instant photo uploads and websites like Flickr and ... read more..


What Is Financial Identity Theft?

The Identity Theft Resource Center maintains a wealth of information for ID theft victims in the form of Fact Sheets which can be found on the ITRC website. These sheets cover a range of topics in var... read more..


Top Scams of the Week: December 1st, 2014

Every week, the Identity Theft Resource Center works with some of the top experts and organizations in the industry to raise awareness of recent fraud and scam attempts. We place a special emphasis on... read more..

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