Apple customers are being warned about fake emails targeting their account information.

Who Is It Targeting: Individuals across the United States

What It Is: Scammers are sending fraudulent emails with receipts for purchases made on iTunes or their App Store account – including a subscription to Netflix or an album from iTunes. The email sends the victim into shock thinking someone has accessed their account so they then click on the  “refund” or “manage subscriptions” within the email. From there  they are sent to another fraudulent link, which tricks victims into entering their account information for the “refund.”

What Are They After: Account information

How Can You Avoid It:  Before clicking on any link, always check the email address. The iTunes Store will never ask you to provide personal information or sensitive account information (such as passwords or credit card numbers) via email. If you believe you may have given the scammers personal information, call and speak to a Victim Advisor at the Identity Theft Resource Center for free help at 888.400.5530.

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Full details of this scam alert can be found at Business Insider.