Ohio State Attorney General, Mike DeWine, has announced the creation of an Identity Theft Unit to help victims repair their credit and other problems. As a part of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section, the Identity Theft Unit will offer two different ways for victims to receive assistance in resolving their issues.

The first, called Self-Help Assistance, will offer detailed guides for a victim of identity theft on how to attempt to resolve any issues created by the identity ohio maptheft. The Attorney General’s website offers a downloadable form which a victim can download, fill out, and return to the Attorney General. Once received, the Attorney General’s Office will send information including instructions, contact information, and documents directly to the victim. In addition, the victim will be assigned a Consumer Advocate to help them with the process should they require assistance at some point.

The second form of assistance is called Traditional Assistance, a remarkable and ambitious program. Victims who do not feel comfortable tackling the task of rectifying their good name and credit after identity theft will be provided a Consumer Advocate who will personally communicate with credit agencies, creditors, and collectors. The Consumer Advocate will continually keep the victim informed as their case progresses. In order to receive this level of assistance, a victim must submit a copy of a police report as well as complete and submit an identity theft affidavit and an identity theft notification form.

In addition, the Ohio Attorney General’s website also posts information regarding Security Breach Information, Redaction Requests and Teaching Materials. Among the redaction requests information, forms are posted allowing individuals and safety officers to officially request that certain personal information be removed from the Internet. Programs like this one are a necessary and important step to effectively protect, educate, and assist individuals on the risks and dangers associated with identity theft.

“Ohio Attorney General Establishes New Identity Theft Unit” was written by Sam Imandoust, Esq. He serves as a legal analyst for the Identity Theft Resource Center. We welcome you to post/reprint the above article, as written, giving credit to and linking back to ITRC_Blog