That phone call from the hospital billing department may actually be a scam.

Who Is It Targeting: Medical center patients

What Is It: A phishing scam that demands money for unpaid medical bills

What Are They After: In this phishing scam, a caller contacts local residents and claims to be with the hospital billing department. It’s not hard to find victims for this scam; after all, many small towns only have a handful of hospitals at most, and it’s safe to assume that anyone who answers the phone will have used one of them in the past. By claiming the patient has a long overdue, unpaid medical bill, the scammer hopes to confuse the victim into paying over the phone.

How Can You Avoid It:

  • Hospitals do not call patients and demand payment, they send paper bills so you have a record of services.
  • Never make a payment to someone who calls you; instead, hang up and contact the company yourself in order to verify your account.
  • Most importantly, never make a payment if the caller insists on iTunes gift cards, prepaid debit cards, or wire transfers.

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