The Identity Theft Resource Center has been made aware of a group operating in California under the name ‘Californians Against Identity Theft’.  The group is claiming that there is a link between the gathering of signatures for ballot initiatives and identity theft.

Using this correlation, the group is pushing to outlaw paid signature gathering for ballot initiatives. The Identity Theft Resource center does not agree with this statement considering that an individual’s name and registered address does not qualify as sensitive personal information.  It is also concerning that many organizations, ourselves included, who have built strong reputations as advocates for consumers against identity theft have no knowledge of this group, or of any work they have done in the field of identity theft.  Along with other organizations, the Identity Theft Resource Center has reached out to Californians Against Identity Theft requesting that they remove the misleading information regarding the threat of identity theft from their campaign.  We have also requested that they make transparent their organization and funding sources.

The Identity Theft Resource Center will continue to monitor this situation with the best intention of the consumer in mind.