A scam is being reported which threatens consumers with a power shut off.

Scam: Power Shut Off

Who Is It Targeting: Tucson Electric Power Customers in Tucson, Arizona

What Is It: Individuals in the Tucson, Arizona region are receiving phone calls from people claiming to work for Tucson Electric Power. The callers inform the individual that they are either behind on their electricity bill or need to pay for an updated electric meter. They are told that if they do not make the payment within the next 24 hours, their electricity will be turned off. The callers demand that the individual pay the past due bill or fee for the new meter over the phone, using a pre-paid money card. It has also been reported that individuals may be receiving text messages claiming the above. These scammers are not at all associated with Tucson Electric Power and the calls / texts are a ploy to scare consumers into making false payments in a quick and untraceable manner.

What Are They After: Direct Payment

How Can You Avoid It: If individuals receive this phone call, they should simply hang up. If you receive a text message claiming the above, just delete it. If you are a customer of Tucson Electric Power and you have questions or concerns about your service, call them directly at (520) 623-7711.