With data breaches on the rise last month, it has been one of the most intense periods seen due to the pace, scope and impact of the crimes.

A new Apple privacy update lets consumers stop apps from tracking them and using their data for ads or share their identifiers with third parties.

New CCPA Regulation Makes it Easier for Consumer Privacy Opt-Out

The California Attorney General announced a new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulation that bans a business practice that makes it more difficult for consumer privacy opt-out.   The new CCPA regulation means businesses will not be able to direct consumers to different web pages or to sit through explanations of why they should not opt-out. It also means the addition of a new button for companies […]

mobile device privacy apple

Changes are about to happen when it comes to mobile device privacy. Privacy advocates have long sought regulations in the U.S. to mandate opt-in requirements rather than opt-out.   In the spring, Apple will change their mobile operating system to automatically block data collection unless someone explicitly opts-in.  Some advertising experts estimate that between 50 to 75 percent of iPhone users […]

Approximately 56 percent of California voters approved The California Privacy Rights Act, known as CPRA. It will be the toughest privacy law in the U.S.

Consumer privacy behaviors

Two new research papers from OpSec Security and Consumer Reports shows how consumer privacy and cybersecurity views are evolving across the U.S.  Findings in the OpSec Security report show that cyberattacks and data breaches are pervasive, and consumers are concerned and desensitized by the volume of information compromises.  The Consumer Reports report concludes that consumers believe companies are primarily responsible for protecting the personal information businesses collect, store and use.  […]

There are many unanswered questions about the coronavirus impacts in the United States, some of which center around how schools will reopen for the fall term. K-12 school districts in many areas are scheduled to resume classes in a matter of weeks. However, what the learning environment will look like has yet to be determined […]

It is more important than ever that consumers use strong security questions with strong security answers on their online accounts. With most people home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more consumers are required to shop online to do their food and household purchasing. That means a lot of online accounts have been and will continue […]

Schools, businesses and individuals are making drastic changes right now due to concerns surrounding COVID-19. Some of the protective measures, such as social distancing and self-isolation, translate to technology picking up the slack to keep businesses and education moving forward. However, that is leading to privacy issues particularly around kids using technology not originally intended […]