If you are traveling and plan to rent a car, there is a very specific privacy pitfall threatening you. Rental car companies have begun offering premium features in their fleets of vehicles, including things like Bluetooth sound systems, on-board GPS navigation and infotainment devices for everything from playing music to showing movies. The upgraded technologies […]

What is on your agenda for today? Go ahead and pencil in changing your Facebook passwords. This item does not need to be near the very top of the list, but it is certainly a good idea to put it on there and follow through. According to a report by KrebsonSecurity and a follow-up announcement […]

Data Privacy Day is an international effort to empower individuals and business to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust. Many of today’s tech users have never navigated an online world where they weren’t constantly asked to provide personal details about themselves for everything from booking a doctor’s appointment to buying a new shirt. Too […]

The era of the Internet of Things ushered in innovations, better convenience, and more personal safety, but it also brought with it a host of security flaws. Wi-Fi routers were some of the first devices to be attacked on a large scale, giving hackers access to entire networks. Wireless medical implants have also been infiltrated, leading […]

The very first selfie is believed to be a photograph of Robert Cornelius in October 1839. He stood in his family’s backyard to snap the self-portrait, which in that day meant holding very still and facing the camera with a rigid posture for anywhere between three and fifteen minutes, depending on the available light. Even […]

Fourteen million Facebook users recently woke up to an email in their inboxes, informing them of another privacy issue with their accounts. According to the message, between May 18 and May 27, a software bug within the company turned some users’ private posts into public shares. Even after they found the bug on May 22, it […]

Standing in long lines, waiting to get into your favorite singer’s concert could soon be a thing of the past. Ticketmaster has announced a new wave of technology that is already testing at certain venues in limited markets. Now, instead of handing over your ticket or scanning your phone’s screen at a concert, sensors can capture a […]

Following the recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica incident, the social media giant is taking steps to help users have a better understanding of their terms of service, as well as, allowing users to personalize their settings. The Facebook terms and data policy have been updated to explain how they collect, use and share data from your profile. And it’s requiring you to […]