The geo tagging feature on your smart phone can be a very cool way of allowing people to know where you took a beautiful scenery picture, attended an interesting event, or even serve you as a digital road map to locations associated with fun experiences you’ve had over the years in just a few clicks […]

Privacy is becoming an ever more important issue garnering increased public discussion. Increased fear of misuse of personal information is slowly showing up in a multitude of consumer surveys. Facebook along with many other global powerhouses have at times been criticized for their perceived failure to adequately address the various infringements on individual privacy that […]

Recently at the ITRC, there have been several curious consumers who’ve contacted us asking how they can be more proactive protecting their privacy when they surf the web. Well, we like to give the consumers what they want, so here are a few tips on how you can control your privacy while you use your […]

Identity theft is a term now common in the American vernacular. Though the term is familiar, what it represents is often misunderstood by large segments of the consumer population. Many people commonly associate the term with someone making illegal use of a credit card number. By most current definitions however, that type of crime is […]

Do you love a discount? You’re not alone. Most people do. And that’s just what Facebook is banking on with their new “Facedeals” project, which sends coupons and discount offers directly to your phone. The only catch: when you use your coupon they snap your picture. The program essentially functions as follows: a camera is […]

When surfing the internet in the privacy of your own home, one might think they are safe from prying eyes, and free to surf the internet without anyone knowing what they’re doing. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth. What you do on the internet is information that every retailer and marketing firm wants […]

Most people would think that the person or people who know them best are family members, close friends, or significant others. Unfortunately, one more category must be added to that list and it may be one that knows you better than anyone else: an information aggregator. Information aggregators, or data brokers, collect information regarding individuals […]

An article from Private WiFi’s CEO, Kent Lawson, raised interesting points about online privacy attitudes among younger people. The article presented some interesting thoughts from Ella Hickson, a young playwright. Ella notes she is more aware of the value of privacy and puts forth the idea that most of the younger generation thinks in terms of an […]

The introduction of the smartphone into the technology platform revolutionized the use of the cellphone. Suddenly, activities and actions that required a stationary device, or a device connected to wireless internet became activities on-the-go. Now, the smartphone’s capabilities have surpassed those ever associated with a small mobile device. Cellphones went from being solely used for […]

Many professionals view air-travel days as an opportunity to get some extra work done, pay bills online, or distract themselves during their commute by surfing the internet. The convenience and ease of use of modern laptops and iPads have made it easy to stay connected in route. As a result, public Wi-Fi is now commonplace […]