The very first selfie is believed to be a photograph of Robert Cornelius in October 1839. He stood in his family’s backyard to snap the self-portrait, which in that day meant holding very still and facing the camera with a rigid posture for anywhere between three and fifteen minutes, depending on the available light. Even […]

Fourteen million Facebook users recently woke up to an email in their inboxes, informing them of another privacy issue with their accounts. According to the message, between May 18 and May 27, a software bug within the company turned some users’ private posts into public shares. Even after they found the bug on May 22, it […]

Standing in long lines, waiting to get into your favorite singer’s concert could soon be a thing of the past. Ticketmaster has announced a new wave of technology that is already testing at certain venues in limited markets. Now, instead of handing over your ticket or scanning your phone’s screen at a concert, sensors can capture a […]

Following the recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica incident, the social media giant is taking steps to help users have a better understanding of their terms of service, as well as, allowing users to personalize their settings. The Facebook terms and data policy have been updated to explain how they collect, use and share data from your profile. And it’s requiring you to […]

There is a hoax going around based on speculation in a now-deleted article, one that claims Facebook will owe all of its users $17,000 each. The article was suddenly removed, but that hasn’t stopped others from repeating its message that Facebook users are entitled to a payout. The issue behind the hoax is the recently […]

It’s easy to understand why a lot of users enjoy meeting new people and new potential love interests through the Tinder platform. Unfortunately, there have been some encryption issues in the past. The “full-sized” website seems to be relatively secure, according to a recent security analysis, but the mobile device app had problems with encryption. That’s especially […]

The world has enjoyed Comic-Con, DragonCon, WriterCon, and more…so now it’s time to take on PrivacyCon. No, you won’t need to cosplay as your favorite piece of antivirus software or the latest ransomware attack mode in order to take advantage of the event (although that might be interesting), but rather you’ll want to focus on the […]

Public Wi-Fi Hijacked at Coffee Shop Tech users have been warned for years about the possible hazards involved in connecting over public Wi-Fi. While retailers, restaurants, hotels, airports, and other businesses offer this service as a convenience—and let’s face it, as an incentive—to customers, it’s also a potential trap. Hackers can also be on the […]

You might think that growing up as the child of a Silicon Valley CEO would be paradise. After all, they have more money than some countries’ gross national products, access to some of the most influential and famous people in the world, and oh yeah, all those shiny cool gadgets. As it turns out, when your […]

With the record-setting numbers of data breaches and compromised consumer records, you might think becoming a victim is inevitable. If you can’t control whether or not someone breaks into a major network or leaves a vast database of customer data unsecured online, then you can’t control things like identity theft, either…right? Not exactly. Obviously, preventing large-scale data […]