The world has enjoyed Comic-Con, DragonCon, WriterCon, and more…so now it’s time to take on PrivacyCon. No, you won’t need to cosplay as your favorite piece of antivirus software or the latest ransomware attack mode in order to take advantage of the event (although that might be interesting), but rather you’ll want to focus on the […]

Public Wi-Fi Hijacked at Coffee Shop Tech users have been warned for years about the possible hazards involved in connecting over public Wi-Fi. While retailers, restaurants, hotels, airports, and other businesses offer this service as a convenience—and let’s face it, as an incentive—to customers, it’s also a potential trap. Hackers can also be on the […]

You might think that growing up as the child of a Silicon Valley CEO would be paradise. After all, they have more money than some countries’ gross national products, access to some of the most influential and famous people in the world, and oh yeah, all those shiny cool gadgets. As it turns out, when your […]

With the record-setting numbers of data breaches and compromised consumer records, you might think becoming a victim is inevitable. If you can’t control whether or not someone breaks into a major network or leaves a vast database of customer data unsecured online, then you can’t control things like identity theft, either…right? Not exactly. Obviously, preventing large-scale data […]

For many people, the holidays are a time for thinking of others. But now more than ever, it’s important to give yourself an extra special gift this year, the gift of identity protection. Just like any other kind of gift giving, there are a wide variety of options to meet every budget. Free – What’s better […]

If you’ve been using technology for any amount of time, hopefully, you understand the need for sound password security. By using a secure, unique password on all of your accounts, you can help minimize the risk of account takeover and identity theft. However, a strong password isn’t foolproof. A study by Google and UC Berkley found that […]

Ever since the concept of sharing your personal life on the internet became a reality, social media users have been warned about everything from oversharing to privacy settings to avoiding cyberbullies. But there’s another evil lurking in the background of your last Facebook post, and it can lead you to hand over all of your […]

A number of tech companies have launched virtual home assistants. These voice-activated devices function as virtual assistants, doing everything from playing music to answering questions to ordering goods and services for you. These devices have already raised a number of concerns about privacy. In order to function properly, they’re “always listening,” meaning they are waiting […]

Security and privacy experts have cautioned people for quite some time about being too “braggy” on social media, indicating that certain posts can come back to haunt you. From showing off things like cars and luxury items to jewelry and cash, people like to spread the news of their good fortune, often without thinking of […]

There’s a popular app—currently, the third most popular free app for iPhone and iPad, with more than 62 million users worldwide—that is not only a parents’ nightmare for their kids’ health and well-being, but is also a privacy pitfall. Called Sarahah and developed by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, the app is supposed to let the user’s connections leave […]