A RailWorks data breach has left many unanswered questions. When a company issues a data breach notification, it can be difficult to know what to do. RailWorks, a US-based transportation infrastructure company, reported a data breach due to a ransomware attack that may have affected an estimated 3,500 employees, former employees and their family members.

While the company knows what kinds of personal information was compromised, names, birthdates, Social Security numbers and much more, there are also many unanswered questions about the RailWorks data breach.

  1. How did the ransomware infect the system?
  2. What kind of ransomware was used in the attack?
  3. What did the hackers do with the stolen information?
  4. How did RailWorks unencrypt its system?
  5. How was the breach discovered?

What is clear is the step that RailWorks is taking to protect those who were affected. In addition to the notification letter, RailWorks is providing a year of comprehensive identity theft protection. This includes credit monitoring from all three credit reporting agencies, up to one million dollars in identity theft insurance and an anti-phishing app.

As some of the victims of this breach were minors, there are special considerations to be taken into account. For example, RailWorks recommends that the victims place a freeze on their credit reports in order to stop anyone from using their stolen information. That process is a little more involved if the person who needs this protection is a child.

If you ever receive a data breach notification letter, you might have questions too. Even if you do not understand what the impact of the RailWorks data breach could be, if you are offered identity theft protection or credit monitoring, it is suggested to take advantage of the offer.

If you need further assistance on the RailWorks data breach or any other breach event, you should also contact the Identity Theft Resource Center. Our expert advisors can help you via toll-free phone call (888.400.5530) or the website’s live chat feature, and they can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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