With the REAL ID deadline approaching in October, it is time to determine if you should replace your current government- issued ID, as well as be aware of any scams that may pop around near the time of the change. What is a REAL ID? Fifteen years ago, Congress passed the REAL ID Act, which […]

When you are on the internet in this day in age, you always have to be cautious about whether games and deals are legitimate fun or a social media hoax. There is no shortage of ways to earn money, win prizes or benefit from free goods online. Contests, giveaways and company discounts are all over, […]

In 2019, romance scams led to losses of over $200 million. While these scams may seem easy to avoid, scammers go out of their way to take advantage of you. All internet scams have the potential to be cruel. After all, they are designed to trick you into handing over your money, your identity or […]

It is the season of love and the season of romance scams, specifically a senior online dating scam. Who Is It Targeting: Single seniors looking for relationships What Is It: Variety of scams that target seniors based on romantic conversations What Are They After: There are a variety of senior online dating scams out there […]

Hackers are taking advantage of the outbreak with a new coronavirus email scam. When anything newsworthy happens, you can guarantee that scammers will attempt to make a quick buck off of the public buzz. Sadly, the coronavirus is just the latest global event to be used as bait by these criminals. While the number of […]

romance scam

By: Eva Velasquez, President & CEO of Identity Theft Resource Center If you have a LinkedIn account, keep an eye on your email for a LinkedIn romance scam.  There are immediate red flags in this communication, and I’m a happily married woman, but I did find part of this invitation appealing: I saw the immediate […]

Phishing scam

There is a new U.S. government consumer agency that will pay for data breaches? If that is what you have been told, it is not true. It would be like the fox guarding the henhouse, but actually paying that fox money to eat your chickens instead. A new phishing scam that masquerades as a U.S. […]

Australian fires

Hackers have infected legitimate fundraising websites with a malicious card-stealing code, creating a dangerous Australian fire fundraising scam. Who Is It Targeting: Donors to Australia fires fundraising efforts What Is It: A malicious code that steals information from genuine websites What They Are After: When any event garners worldwide attention, there are going to be […]


With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, it is time to start looking out for people trying to trick you with a Super Bowl scam. Fans are eagerly awaiting the results of the playoffs to see who will go head-to-head next month. Whether your team makes the final game or not, it is an exciting time […]

Like many great celebrities, Ellen DeGeneres is known for her generosity and gifts to her many fans. At the holidays, she tends to ramp up the effort and give high-dollar gifts to countless people. Unfortunately, the publicity surrounding these endearing episodes of her show has led to an Ellen Facebook scam. Under the guise of […]