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What is it: Fake advertisements on social media platforms Who is it targeting: Social media users, consumers who have searched for specific products How does it work: Social media platforms are filled with advertisements for different products and services. Advertising revenue is how those companies can stay in business while not charging their users a […]

What is it: “Flipping” scam that promises you big money on social media Who is it targeting: Social media users on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more How does it work: A flipping scam looks a lot like a pile of cash, at least in the picture accompanying the post. A user on the same platform […]

A new Venmo scam is making the rounds nationally, one that can lead to massive financial losses in your Venmo account. Payment apps are a fairly new invention, especially peer-to-peer apps that are connected to your bank account or a credit card. Unfortunately, what is not new is phishing scams. Fraudsters are reaching out to […]

The internet is a great tool in many ways, but it is also filled with privacy pitfalls. Overexposed information from data breaches are now the third certainty but background check websites are a legal, affordable and easy way for someone to collect a lot of your personal information. With the right pieces of the puzzle, […]

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Unsolicited phone calls with recorded messages, known as robocalls, have been a nuisance probably since the invention of the telephone. And they’re getting worse. In fact, in a single one-month period this year, there were more than 4.7 billion robocalls placed to U.S. phone numbers. While the telemarketers of yesteryear were certainly annoying, today’s threat […]

A new American Express phishing attack that specifically targeted American Express cardholders is unlike other attacks, according to security researchers. It contains a sophisticated method of harming the recipient that experts are not as familiar with. Phishing attacks are nothing new. They arrive as emails, texts, social media messages or phone calls that appear to […]

What It Is Scammers are looking to cash in on the buzz surrounding the Equifax data breach, specifically the ability for consumers to check their data and file a claim if they were affected. Who It Is Targeting Any consumers who may have had their information stolen in the Equifax breach could be at risk […]

There are countless moving parts when it comes to planning your wedding, and many of those parameters can lead to scams and fraud. Wedding scams can turn your dream day can turn into a nightmare. Say yes to the dress but no to scams. Wedding dresses that do not look like they did online and […]

Savvy online shoppers look forward to the veritable Christmas in July that is Amazon Prime Day, but scammers look forward to this event too. Amazon scams account for a significant percentage of internet retail fraud so it is important that consumers know what to look for. Armed with the ability to spot an Amazon scam, […]

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A virtual private network (VPN) is a digital tool that keeps outsiders, such as hackers, identity thieves, spammers and even advertisers from seeing your online activity. VPN is an installed piece of software on your laptop or desktop that is either stand-alone or bundled with your antivirus or security software. For mobile devices, VPN can […]