An Old Tech Support Scam Is Back

A tech support scam that was shut down a couple of years ago is back, this time masquerading as a browser locker. You’re happily going about your business on the internet when suddenly a red screen appears, telling you that your computer is infected (one Identity Theft Resource Center staffer even had audio warnings accompanying the message, to make it seem more serious) and it appears your browser is locked.

New Medicare Cards Won’t Have SSNs 

Older Americans may be accustomed to having their Social Security numbers used as identifiers, especially for important purposes like military service or healthcare.

One-Two Punch Uses FedEx, Google to Steal Your Data 

Scammers have long relied on “spoofing” to lure victims into a sense of trust.

Has Your Password Expired? No, So Don’t Click that Link!

There’s a new phishing scam making the rounds, one that tricks you into clicking a link and turning over a lot of your sensitive information. This scam starts with a very official-looking email that says you must renew your password, but steals your data instead.

Chocolates, Flowers, and a…Romance Scam?

There’s a very specific danger looming online right now, one that seeks to steal both its victims’ money and identifying information. Under the wrong circumstances, this particular threat can even land the victims in jail.

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