Homeowners with security systems already in place are being targeted by scammers, which results in victims paying for two security systems.

Who Is It Targeting: Homeowners with security systems already in place

What Is It:  Police are warning about scammers who are going door to door and posing as employees of reputable security systems claiming they need to check the victim’s  current security system. Once the scammer has “checked” their security system, they report there is an issue and offer to fix the system.  In the end, the scammer asks them to sign a work order and offers a discount on their original contract. In reality, the victim is signing another contract for a different alarm system and is double billed.

What Are They After: Money, Personal Information

How Can You Avoid It:

  • Make sure the person is legitimate. Contact your security system company first to see if they sent someone to help you.
  • Always report a scam to your local police.

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