ITRC is funded largely by corporate sponsors and foundations, as well as individual donations.  It takes an active and involved community – particularly the business community which support our mission to combat identity theft – in order that we may continue to assist victims free of charge.  Our sponsors are known in the community for their proactive approach towards community involvement in general, and identity theft in particular.  Our sponsors are noteworthy both for their integrity, and for giving back to the community. We are proud to be associated with these companies and organizations, and are exceptionally grateful for their financial support to the ITRC.

The support of our sponsors allows the ITRC to provide no-cost victim assistance to low and middle income families, to educate consumers and businesses about the crime of identity theft in both presentations and community events, and to provide support to law enforcement and public agencies in their efforts to help identity theft victims.  ITRC provides a broad range of services, which are used by consumers, victims, businesses, law enforcement, and media.  All these things are only possible with the generous financial support of business, government entities, and individuals.

The ITRC provides our sponsors with promotional services and media recognition where appropriate within the context of our educational and outreach activities, and may provide links to their websites in our content.  However, we are not compensated if consumers choose to apply for or purchase products via the links in our content. For more information, please see the ITRC Sponsorship Policy with the ITRC Corporate Policies.

For more information on how the ITRC is able to work with sponsors, see our Sponsorship Benefits Overview. If you would like to help support the ITRC mission through a corporate sponsorship, please contact for more information.