Scammers are using the dating app Tinder to find victims online.

Who Is It Targeting: Tinder App Users

What Is It: Online dating has risen in both popularity and credibility in the past few years. Unfortunately, the rise of internet dating sites, particularly internet dating mobile apps, and their widespread acceptance means more and more scammers are using this approach to find victims. In this romance scam, a Tinder user coerces women he has met on the dating app, Tinder, into giving him money. The scammer who is currently awaiting trial, spent time with his victims before asking for money. In one of his recent scams, he told his victim he lost his wallet and debit cards and needed $10,000 to enter a poker tournament. The woman obliged and the money never turned up after she loaned it out.

What Are They After: Money

How Can You Avoid It: Be smart about protecting yourself and your information to help prevent someone like this from happening to you. In any relationship, whether it be face-to-face or online, proceed with caution if you are asked to hand over money or personal information without some form of legitimate, legal commitment. Immediately report the scammer to the online dating website and the police.

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