How much information are you putting out there? It’s probably too much. We are here to help. To help you stop sharing Too Much Information, sign up for the TMI Weekly.

Typically, when someone uses the term “TMI,” it’s a bad thing. It means someone is sharing “too much information” for their current audience. But the Identity Theft Resource Center wants to turn TMI into a weekly reminder that your information and personal data are already “out there,” and you need to know how to protect it.

Let’s face it, your information has been shared with government agencies, medical facilities, your employers, your schools, and a number of financial institutions. You have a credit score and a credit report, whether you know what’s on it or not. Your Social Security number and other personal identifiable information have been stored with your state’s department of motor vehicles, your health insurance providers, and probably every doctor’s office you’ve ever been to. It’s on file with every employer you’ve ever worked for, going all the way back to that summer job in high school, as well as any banks or credit card companies you’ve chosen to do business with.

And that’s just your highly sensitive information. Don’t forget that your name, address, email address, passwords, birth date, and personal security questions have been shared with dozens, maybe even hundreds, of websites, apps, and online retailers.

With so much information shared with countless sources, it’s important to know what the threats really are, and what you can do about them. The TMI Weekly is the ITRC’s email newsletter covering the latest scams, fraud attempts, identity theft crimes, data breaches and hacking events, cybersecurity and privacy news, and other resources to help the public understand how these crimes can target them.

Signing up for the weekly newsletter is easy, and the news it contains may help you reduce your risk of identity theft.

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