It’s been a big year for identity theft and data breaches, and more than ever consumers like you are looking for information to protect themselves. This year alone, there have been 761 data breaches with 83,176,279 records exposed. That’s more than 25% over last year’s total! The biggest news has been breaches of retail stores like The Home Depot and the Sony hack that led to the release of private emails and personal data. It’s no wonder the ITRC blog received more views than ever – and the most read blogs centered around social media and mobile phones.


Here are the top 10 most popular blog posts of 2014:


10. Thieves Have a New Tool for Grabbing Your Passwords

9. Google Chrome vs Firefox: Which is safer?

8. Staying Safe with Smartphone Apps

7. 5 Places Credit Card Skimming Can Occur

6. 5 Things You Should Never Carry in Your Wallet

5. How do Facebook Hacks Lead to Identity Theft?

4. Is Facebook’s New Messenger App a Privacy Risk?

3. Cell Phone Hacking – Android Platform

2. Can Someone Steal Your Identity From Your Driver’s License?

1. What do I do if My Passport is Lost or Stolen in the United States?


Give these a second read before the start of the new year. Stay safe, and have a happy new year!