The world has enjoyed Comic-Con, DragonCon, WriterCon, and more…so now it’s time to take on PrivacyCon.

No, you won’t need to cosplay as your favorite piece of antivirus software or the latest ransomware attack mode in order to take advantage of the event (although that might be interesting), but rather you’ll want to focus on the latest innovations and expert findings surrounding our privacy.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, who is once again hosting this event, “The 2018 PrivacyCon will expand collaboration among leading privacy and security researchers, academics, industry representatives, consumer advocates, and the government…The 2018 event will focus on the economics of privacy including how to quantify the harms that result from companies’ failure to secure consumer information, and how to balance the costs and benefits of privacy-protective technologies and practices.”

In order to understand the changing landscape of privacy in the connected, digital era, the FTC will examine a few key topics as part of PrivacyCon, including the greatest threats to our privacy and the costs associated with reducing (or even eliminating) those threats. From a business and industry standpoint, experts will weigh in on the costs and benefits of moving to personalized, tailor-made security solutions rather than the more common “off the shelf” and a one-size-fits-all approach.

Interestingly, the FTC will also be exploring the relationship between businesses and consumers’ own privacy preferences. Individuals have been cautioned for a quite some time to ask the hard questions about how their information will be securely stored and who will have access to it; companies have been urged to reevaluate what data they gather and store, and why. This relationship between industries and the level of consumer comfort will finally be addressed.

Finally, PrivacyCon will focus on what steps lawmakers can take to mitigate the threat of data privacy fails, keeping in mind that every industry has unique needs for data and very specific threats that target it.

PrivacyCon is a free, open event that the public is invited to attend. Those who cannot travel to Washington, DC for the event are invited to join in via webcast of the live proceedings. In order to join in, visit the PrivacyCon page on the day of the event; the link will appear at the top of the screen ten minutes before it launches.

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