The U.S. District Court of Northern Illinois is warning residents in the area about an email scam falsely representing the court.

Who Is It Targeting: Chicago and Northern Illinois Regions

What Is It:  Federal officials say they have multiple reports of individuals receiving emails that purport to be from the U.S. District Court of Northern Illinois. The purpose of the scam is to collect money and financial information. The email contains a statement that the recipient is owed a class action settlement payment contingent upon giving financial information or an “initial payment to the court.”  The email has several official looking documents and appear to be signed by a court clerk or a judge. These documents actually serve to steal your personal financial information or hijack any cash or financial information you might send to them.

What Are They After: PII, Cash, Pre-Paid Debit Cards

How Can You Avoid It:  Always tread carefully when unsolicited requests for personal information arrive through email, even if it looks to come from the government and appear official.  In order to verify legal documents from the court email the Northern District of Illinois Court Clerk’s Office at to determine if the documents are legitimate or not.

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