Scammers are using Wal-Mart as a front for an employment scams.

Scam: Walmart Employment Scam

Who It Targets: Those consumers who could use an extra source of “easy” income

How It Works: Scammers send you what appears to be a valid check as your first payment in your new position as a “quality control” expert at Walmart. The check has Walmart’s name on it, and even the company’s address in Bentonville, Arkansas. The only problem is you never applied for the job.

The scammers are counting on your need for easy money—as outlined in the letter that comes with the check, congratulating you on your new job—to entice you to cash the check. Doing so, however, leads to them draining your bank account and nabbing your personal identifiable information.

How to Avoid It: There is absolutely no such thing as free money, especially not when you didn’t do a single thing to apply for it. So do not cash the check.  If it comes in the mail, simply shred it and toss in the trash!

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