ITRC World Backup Day 2020

Due to concerns over COVID-19, more people than ever are working remotely or are furloughed temporarily. With World Backup Day coming up on March 31st, it is more important now than ever to talk about data security and backing up important systems. Usually, this is just a day set aside to understand more about personal privacy, cybersecurity and identity protection. This year, there is an additional focus on some of the lesser-known reasons for backing up those files.

Start with Strong Passwords

For many newcomers to the world of telecommuting, the tools that make it possible can be a little confusing. For World Backup Day this year, people can start by making a lockdown of their information a priority. Now is the best time to change the passwords on sensitive online accounts and to make sure that they are all strong and unique. This will help prevent data loss if a hacker takes over any accounts.

When thinking of a strong password, it’s okay for someone to make a fun passphrase. For example, the letters that spell out a favorite song or movie + the name of the account or service it provides (such as “Gmail” or just “email”) + a number that might mean something only to the person, like the first year their team won a championship or the year they got their driver’s license. Consumers can then repeat the process, changing portions for every unique account. Throw in a symbol or two, it will be virtually unguessable to a thief while giving the consumer an easy way to remember it.

Conduct a Privacy Checkup

Next, on to security settings. People should go through their apps and favorite websites, especially social media sites, and make sure their privacy settings are set to a comfortable level. If that was last done when the account was first established, it’s long past due time for a checkup. While people are at it, they can also back up all of their pictures and videos, any game information or recipes and anything else that they might have tucked away in an app but do not want to lose.

People should also back-up their smartphone or mobile device. By backing up all of their special photos – from their phone, their camera’s memory stick and their laptop – and securing them on an external storage solution, they will be protecting them from harm. Bonus: pass the time reminiscing while sifting through pics while saving them.

The Final Round

Finally, it’s time for people to look at their important documents like tax records, scanned images of paperwork they might need, any medical records that might have been emailed to them, and more. By saving all of those critical files to an external source, consumers will be better prepared to stop a ransomware attack. If a consumer is ever infected with ransomware, rather than paying the hackers money, they can put it towards safeguards knowing that all of their important content is safe.

Good Identity Hygiene Means People Can Relax a Bit

Even if people are not leaving their homes these days, they still need time to relax. So, kick back, settle in on the couch with a snack and favorite binge show and clear out the DVR if they have one. They can save anything they want to keep for later but can get rid of the rest and make room for more great content. While settled in, people can also pick up their phone and get to work backing up their stored data. They will be glad they did if something happens to their phone.

For more tips, hints, stats and other important points, consumers can check out this link to World Backup Day.

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