When news of identity theft first started making headlines only a few decades ago, the general public was right to be alarmed. It wasn’t just that the thieves were more sophisticated than the financial institutions at that time, but also that law enforcement agencies weren’t equipped to handle a crime in which some as intangible as digits in a computerized account had been stolen. The process of recovering from identity theft at that time could literally take years.

 Now, thanks to better education and awareness on the part of law enforcement, financial agencies, and consumers, identity theft—while far from being eradicated—is more preventable than ever and is more streamlined to recover from. It can still be a difficult and upsetting process, but help is available.

The Identity Theft Resource Center, or ITRC, is one of the longest running agencies that helps consumers with education and prevention, along with free resources to recover their identities should the worst happen. Our materials and assistance are free to the public, and there is no requirement that consumers belong to any specific bank or organization to seek help.

We’ve been providing help to the public in times of crisis for over fifteen years, but now we’re turning to the public for help. In an effort to continue our services and expand into new ways of helping people, we’ve launched the fundraising campaign aimed at spreading the word about identity theft and its effects.

Anyone can be a victim. Anyone can use the ITRC. Anyone can make a difference.

The purpose of the Anyonecampaign is to raise awareness and raise funds, and both of those goals can be achieved through your help. By sharing the word about the ITRC on your social media streams, more people will know that we’re here to help if they ever need us. And with your tax deductible contribution, we can help ensure that we spread the word about new forms of identity theft as soon as the information becomes available.

To learn more about our services or our campaign, please visit IDTheftCenter.org/Anyone-3. And thank you!