This is something you used to be able to tell your nosy mom or an email-snooping significant other.  Oh, how times have changed! Now, unless you have Mark Zuckerberg’s personal cell in your contact list, (If you do, can you pass it along? We have some questions for him.) you aren’t going to be able to tell those with prying eyes to take a hike. Privacy has been called dead, or at least dying, and it is something that we all really need to think and have open conversations about.

Lucky for you, the ITRC is hosting our monthly #IDTheftChat in June on privacy! We will be discussing the latest trends, answering consumer questions and sharing resources to help you protect your privacy.  Joining us will be Meghan Land from Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, Hayley Kaplan from What is Privacy and Security Reporter Mathew Schwartz. The Chat will take place at 11:00am PST on June 5th.

The questions that we will be basing the discussion around are:

Q1: Are you willing to give up privacy for convenience? How much and why?

Q2: Who do you think is responsible for protecting your privacy online?

Q3: Do you consider the privacy implications of your online activity?

Q4: What measures do you take to protect your privacy online?

Q5: Do you associate identity theft with privacy issues? Why or why not?

Q6: What should people do if they feel their privacy has been invaded online?

Q7: What are your favorite resources (apps, etc.) that help you protect your privacy online?

Q8: How do you think privacy policies for websites could be improved? Is this important?

Q9: Have you ever had your online privacy invaded? What happened?

Q10: What do you think your private information is worth? Do you know who is buying it?

This month’s event should help produce great collaborative thought and perhaps even some unique and novel solutions to protecting your privacy. In order to participate, users should follow the hashtag #IDTheftChat . Those who would like to participate can RSVP via online invitation.  Anyone is welcome and we hope that we will see consumers, businesses and organizations alike!

Participants may find it helpful to participate through the #IDTheftChat Twub which can be found at  Anyone who has questions should contact ITRC’s Media Manager at We hope you will join the conversation and bring your friends!