If you think that you may be a victim of identity theft then you need assistance.


If you want information on data breaches, privacy, tips to protect yourself and more you need information.

Get Involved

 If you are media, law enforcement, want to donate or sponsor and more you want to get involved.

Need help? Call and speak with an Identity Theft Information Specialist

for free assistance at 888.400.5530. Se habla Español.

So how do you help raise up a generation of savvy consumers who know how to protect themselves?

    Your mobile device can get just as cluttered and dusty as any attic or basement…it’s time to give it a good cleaning!

      For every would-be traveler sitting down to make some plans, there are scammers making plans of their own.

        Was your car stolen? Beware a phone call from the “police.”  

          Apps can sometimes crash for no reason, but this new scam targets that event.  

            Did you accept a job to reship merchandise?


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