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The ITRC is a non-profit organization established to minimize risk and mitigate the impact of identity compromise.


Identity Theft

Your identity can be abused in many different ways, and the damage can be lasting and significant. However, there are simple steps you can take to protect your identity from theft and misuse.


My Identity

Were you the victim of an identity crime? The ITRC can provide you with direct assistance, a custom remediation plan, and more resources.


My Business

See how your business can leverage ITRC resources and help transform lives.

You've Seen Us On

National Geographic: Practical Tips for Protecting Your Data While Traveling

ITRC COO James E. Lee shares tips with Jackie Snow of National Geographic on staying cyber-safe while traveling. It starts with packing spare chargers and using wall outlets to charge.

CBS Los Angeles: Protecting from Identity Theft

ITRC President and CEO Eva Velasquez speaks with Consumer Reporter Kristine Lazar of CBS Los Angeles about the findings in the ITRC 2022 Trends in Identity Report.

NBC News: FBI Warns About Deepfake Porn Scams

The ITRC’s Eva Velasquez speaks with NBC News about a rise in FBI complaints of criminals using deepfake tools to create fake inappropriate videos. They use images found on the victim’s social media accounts. 

ISMG Group: Facebook, Instagram Blasted for 'Lame' Security Practices

Director of ISMG Productions Anna Delaney talks to James E. Lee, COO of the ITRC, about social media scams. In 2022, the ITRC saw a 288 percent increase in social media takeover inquiries.

The Associated Press: How to Safely Use Payment Apps

NerdWallet Reporter Kimberly Palmer and ITRC President and CEO Eva Velasquez sat down to discuss strategies to keep you safe using payment apps 

InvestigateTV: Billions in federal funds meant to help unemployed stolen by scammers

ITRC President and CEO Eva Velasquez talks with InvestigateTV’s Caresse Jackman about the dramatic rise in unemployment benefits identity fraud since the beginning of COVID-19. 

NBC Nightly News: Former Nigerian Scam Artist Speaks Out

ITRC CEO Eva Velasquez sits down with Jacob Ward and NBC Nightly News to discuss dating scams, and why many of them originate from Nigeria.