The LinkedIn and Facebook data leaks remind us to be careful what you share online. All of the scraped data was willingly posted by users.

ITRC supports ID Management Day

Identity Management Day 2021 is about informing people of the dangers of improperly managing and securing digital identities. It is also designated to share best practices.  The biggest threat to individual identities is the significant shift away from traditional identity theft fueled by personal information acquired in mass attacks and towards credential theft used to commit identity fraud, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center.   Targeted attacks against businesses are easier for threat actors to execute and result in a larger payout. […]

According to the FBI’s annual report on cybercrime, in 2016, nearly 300,000 cybercrime reports were filed with the FBI. The total impact of the cybercrimes was $1.5 billion.  In late 2020, the number of crimes reported more than doubled to almost 800,000. The rate of loss skyrocketed to $4.2 billion, a 180 percent increase.  However, despite the cybercrime […]

Digital Wallet Safety ID Theft

Digital wallets, an electronic version of payment cards and accounts, and mobile payment apps have become more popular during the global pandemic. U.S. users jumped from 38 percent to 55 percent of smartphone owners in 2020 because they are more convenient and secure for many consumers. They also help serve an important population: the unbanked and underbanked.  It can be difficult for some households (approximately 7.1 million) […]

A Proofpoint Security study says people who had personal data exposed in a third-party breach were five times more likely to be targeted, contributing to the rise in phishing attacks.

The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) unveiled its 15th annual data breach report, which revealed a 19 percent decrease in breaches and a 66 percent decrease in individuals impacted.  The ITRC 2020 Data Breach Report identifies a trend that cybercriminals are less interested in stealing large amounts of consumers’ personal information.  Threat actors are now more interested in taking advantage of bad consumer behaviors […]

According to a survey by Proofpoint, ransomware attacks are now viewed as the top cybersecurity threat by nearly half, 46 percent, of Chief Information Security Officers.  Cybersecurity firm Emsisoft found that at least 2,354 U.S. government agencies, healthcare facilities and schools were the victims of ransomware attacks in 2020.  The Emsisoft report also reports that more than 1,300 companies lost data, including intellectual property and other sensitive information in […]

The release of the 2020 ITRC Data Breach Report and launch of the ITRC’s data breach tracking tool supports the Data Privacy Day 2021 initiative to help build trust among consumers and promote transparency around data collection practices. SAN DIEGO, January 13, 2021- Today, the Identity Theft Resource Center® (ITRC), a nationally recognized non-profit organization […]

A T-Mobile repeat data breach event resulted from unauthorized access to 200,000 customer accounts, including call records. It is the fourth time T-Mobile has sent a data breach notification since 2018. The T-Mobile data breach in December was the second one in 2020. An investigation into the SolarWinds data hack has not revealed any evidence […]

Last week, FireEye, a cybersecurity provider, revealed their tools to detect and block sophisticated cyberattacks were stolen in a security breach.  This week we learned attackers, believed to be affiliated with Russia’s state security service, infiltrated government agencies and potentially thousands of companies through a software update from IT management company SolarWinds that was issued months ago.  So far, there is no indication that […]