Rainforest Cafe

A Landry’s data breach has exposed thousands of people’s information after they had their software compromised. The more things change, the more they stay the same. At least, that is how it appears in the world of cybercrime, data breaches and identity theft. As hackers come up with new tools and tactics to steal information […]

Popular convenience store chain Wawa has announced a breach that potentially stole the payment card information for customers throughout much of this year. In the case of the Wawa data breach, malware was discovered on the company’s payment processing servers on December 10, and that malware was designed to steal cardholders’ names and card numbers […]

Ring doorbell

More than 3,000 Ring customers’ credentials were compromised in a recently announced Ring doorbell data leak. However, according to sources from the company, there has been no data breach or attack on the company’s systems. What’s at stake, and how did it happen? First, the compromised information from the Ring doorbell data leak includes some […]


As this year winds down, it is important to spend a little time reflecting on the 2019 identity crimes, some of the things that went right in 2019 and the things that did not go as well. This is true for so many subjects, especially identity crime – which includes scams, fraud, data breaches, cybercrime […]

Macy's storefront

A recent Macy’s data breach is creating headaches for lots of its shoppers. There are a lot of different ways a cybercriminal can gain access to sensitive data. Not all of those ways involve highly sophisticated technological know-how. Sometimes it is as simple as finding unsecured information online, stealing someone’s work laptop or sending out […]

T-Mobile has become the most recent telecom giant to announce a data breach affecting a large number of U.S. customers. As part of the T-Mobile data breach, more than one million prepaid service accounts were affected, which included names, addresses, phone numbers and information about customers’ rate plans, calling features and international calling. This information […]

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), about 56.6 million students are attending school this fall. The NCES also reports that there are 3.7 million teachers currently in the United States. That is over 60 million students and teachers spending their time inside of schools, on their Wi-Fi, online programs and much more. […]

It seems hard to imagine that companies still suffer accidental data breaches, but it happens with alarming frequency and it led to a ‘Magic: The Gathering’ data breach. It may be an employee who downloads some malicious software or falls for a spear phishing campaign, or someone who leaves an unsecured laptop or flash drive […]

Three web services recently suffered a web service data breach in August. The news broke from Krebs On Security that users of Network Solutions, Register.com and Web.com may have received notice that an unauthorized user was able to gain access to certain important pieces of information from users’ accounts. Domain Registration Websites The three companies […]