As an unusual school year winds down, many parents and students have a new lesson to learn: what to do after the Aeries data breach impacted school districts throughout California. Aeries Software, a student data management system software used by over 600 K-12 public school districts, suffered a data breach after an unidentified and unauthorized […]

In a story that seems to start in 2014, blogging platform LiveJournal appears to have suffered a data breach. The LiveJournal data breach—whose database of users’ names, email addresses and plain-text passwords was supposedly sold and traded on the Dark Web many times over the past six years—has been speculated about by several different entities. […]

Some members of FabFitFun are trying to figure out the next steps for them to take following a FabFitFun data breach. FabFitFun, a company that allows consumers to become members and get customized boxes mailed to them with products, suffered a data breach as the result of formjacking, where a thief inserts a code that […]

Arbonne International, LLC, a worldwide skin care and health product company that operates as a multi-level marketing business model, announced that it had discovered a data compromise of its computer system. After noticing some unusual, unauthorized activity on its network, Arbonne hired a third-party security company to investigate the scope of the Arbonne data exposure. […]

Image of hacker at computer pulling off international fraud scheme

Since 2005, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) has been tracking publicly notified breaches, building one of the most comprehensive repositories of data in the U.S. that is updated daily. One of the most recent cybercrimes the ITRC reported involves a cybercrime ring, ShinyHunters, stealing the information of over 200 million customers from at least […]

Since 2005, the Identity Theft Resource Center has compiled publicly-reported U.S. data breaches as part of our data breach tracking efforts. While our 2019 Data Breach Report revealed an annual 17 percent increase in data breaches compared to 2018, there has since been a data breach decrease reported during the first quarter of 2020, both […]

This blog will be updated as more information becomes available Reports of accidental exposures and data leaks from six different states’ unemployment websites have some consumers concerned. Illinois, Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio, Florida, and most recently, Kentucky have all suffered recent unemployment department data exposures due to their quick response in setting up convenient, DIY websites […]

Fourteen million Key Ring customers, mostly across North America, may have had their personally identifiable information exposed in a Key Ring data leak that affected the company’s Amazon S3 web storage buckets. The buckets can hold vast databases of information. However, they are not configured as fully secured by default when they are created. Rather, […]

From groceries and household goods to medicine and clothes, the coronavirus pandemic has forced people to do a fair bit of their shopping online. According to data from ACI Worldwide, in March 2020, online retail shopping saw a rise in sales as high 74 percent year over year. While online shopping is playing an important […]

A recent CAM4 data exposure left nearly 11 billion records exposed. A team of researchers uncovered the leak by CAM4, an adult streaming website. According to, it is estimated that just over 6.5 million of those records were from users in the U.S. The information leaked in the CAM4 data exposure included full names, […]