While the evolution of passwords has been happening for years, Microsoft is taking things a step further by allowing users to go passwordless.   Now, instead of entering a password, you can sign in to your Microsoft accounts using the Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello biometric access tool, a security key, or a verification code sent by text message or email.  While the Identity Theft […]

The personal information for children at D.I.S.D was exposed in a data breach. Children’s personal information stolen includes SSNs and parent information.

If you receive a notice of data breach letter or any data breach settlement letters, don’t ignore them. They may offer protection services and compensation.

Of the 158 data breaches in 2021 the ITRC tracked in August, three stand out: T-Mobile, Microsoft and St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System.

The ITRC has seen mobile data breaches increase, especially in 2021. However, there are things you can do if their phone account is breached.

A data breach lawsuit is subject to the same rules for filing a claim. They will be thrown out of court unless there’s actual harm.

The second T-Mobile data breach in 2021 impacted over 50 million people and compromised information like SSNs, driver’s licenses, IMSIs and IMEIs.

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T-Mobile recently suffered its third data breach since December of 2020. The T-Mobile data compromise has affected over 40 million people and led to information like Social Security numbers (SSNs) and driver’s license information being hacked.   Cybersecurity researchers claim the T-Mobile data compromise may impact as many as 100 million current, past and prospective customers.  To protect yourself from the T-Mobile data compromise, consider freezing your […]


A data breach of telecommunications company Mint Mobile occurred after some phone numbers were ported and data was accessed. The Mint Mobile data breach is one of the latest data events to affect a telecommunications company, highlighting the risk of mobile breaches.  Insurance company BackNine suffered a data compromise due to a misconfigured database, impacting 711,000 files with information including Social Security numbers (SSNs) and […]

According to IBM’s report on data breach costs, businesses that were breached in 2020 paid ten percent more on average than companies in 2019.