Police are warning Facebook users about this scam circulating inbox messages.

Who Is It Targeting: Facebook users

What Is It: Scammers are posing as an individual’s friend on  Facebook and sending them messages about a “Federal Government Empowerment Money Program.” Scammers will say they have received a large amount of money from the program after sending in a small “transaction” fee. The scammer also sends a form requesting personal and financial information. Individuals are more likely to fall for this scam because it’s coming from a friend.

What Are They After: Personal information, account information, payment

How Can You Avoid It:  If you receive a message about this program, do not respond and immediately report the message to Facebook through the report button at the top of the message and then block the person. Never click on suspicious links.

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For full details of this scam check out this article from WTVQ.

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