Hands-On Mobile Privacy Workshop

This workshop covers privacy settings on mobile devices, when installing apps and when engaging on social media platforms.  Using a hands-on approach, attendees are informed on such issues as “information privacy” and “internet privacy” and learn step-by-step instructions on how to change privacy settings on their mobile devices.

What exactly is privacy?  Privacy means different things to different people. Most consumers have an expectation that they are in control of what they share about themselves – and with whom they share – both in the real world and online.

Is your information as private as you think? Many platforms allow consumers to control the flow of information and data they create and share.  Do you know how much information is shared on the web through your mobile devices and social media accounts

Do you think about YOUR privacy on the internet?

When you are on your
smartphone or tablet?

When you are browsing on your iPad
or tablet?

When you are on your favorite
social media sites?

ITRC Information Sheet:  Smartphone and Mobile Device Privacy and Security

Watch our Hands-On Privacy Videos

Hands-On Privacy with Your Mobile Apps

Hands-On Privacy on Your Mobile Device

Hands-On Privacy on Your Social Media

Hands-On Privacy Workshops funded by a grant from the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment.