Identity Theft Help App
For FREE HELP with identity theft cases

from Identity Theft Resource Center

When you need an Identity Crime Resource

The app assists anyone with concerns about their identity hygiene, whether they have been a victim of an identity crime or just trying to minimize their risk of exposure.

Available for download in the App Store and Google Play , the ID Theft Help App offers free identity theft help in the following ways:

Case Management

For tracking your case and providing proof of what you have completed.

Live Chat With An Expert Advisor

For when you need on-the-go
identity theft help.

Click-to-call an Advisor

For a customized remediation plan with step-by-step assistance.

All that and more!

  • Access resources and tips to protect your identity
  • Receive notifications about recent identity threats like data breaches, breach settlements, new scams, etc. as well as reminders for good identity maintenance
  • Verified contact details for important agencies and companies you may need to inform about your identity theft case
  • Take ID theft quizzes to test your knowledge

Why do you need the ID Theft Help app?

Today, consumers are inundated with risks to their identity – data breaches, scams, fake online resources, etc. The Identity Theft Help App is a tool that provides the proven assistance of the ITRC readily in the palm of your hand – any time 24/7/365.

If you find yourself in a situation you think might be identity theft, now you can track everything about your case right from the app – and keep all your important info in one place. In just a few seconds, you can search for and save agency contact info, catalog any relevant notes, contacts, costs and time spent working on your identity theft case as you fight to regain your footing.

Dial our toll-free hotline directly from the app to speak with an Identity Theft Information Specialist for free identity theft help, or live chat with an advisor right on your mobile device.

Ever had your wallet stolen and wanted to know how to protect yourself right away? Or wondered how to protect yourself while using public Wi-Fi? All these questions are answered with resources in the free ID Theft Help app.