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ITRC Solution 7

If you are a surviving spouse or the executor of the estate, you can request a copy of the decedent’s credit report. The credit reporting agencies will require you to send supporting documents to prove your status.

  • Request a copy of the decedent’s credit report – refer to ITRC Letter Form LF 117-1.
  • Place a “deceased alert” on the report.
  • Notify the police in the decedent’s jurisdiction if you have evidence of fraud (collection notice, bills, credit report). A suspicion (especially of identity theft by a family member) is best when backed with concrete evidence.
  • Notify any creditor, collection agency, credit issuer, the utility company that the person is deceased and date of death – refer to ITRC Letter Form LF 117-2 – Deceased Affidavit of Fact. Be sure to include a copy of the death certificate. Request an immediate investigation and that they contact you with the results of the investigation. Insist on letters of clearance, which you should keep with the other estate papers.
  • In the event that the thief is a family member or relative, if the family is unable to decide on a course of action, it may be best to seek the advice of an attorney that specializes in estate or family law.

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