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*Please be advised that data prior to 2016 is only available for purchase on request. Data from 2005 until 2016 has not been audited for completeness or timeliness as breach information tends to change over time as new facts are discovered and reported. Further, not all states and other jurisdictions required data breach notices prior to 2018 resulting in uneven reporting.

Welcome to the ITRC’s Notified

notified is the ITRC’s comprehensive database of information about publicly reported data breaches since 2005. Consumers and businesses use notified to help make informed decisions about personal and company data security. 

You can use notified to review information on the latest publicly reported data compromises that impact consumers and businesses. 


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If you are a consumer, subscribe to notified  to receive a direct notification of a data breach once it is entered into our system, with actionable information so you can take steps to protect yourself. 


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Coming soon! Sign up to get a sneak peak before we go live. Stay tuned for the notified Business Beach alert service.


Breach Trends

These charts show the number of breaches in a given month for the past three years. The charts also break breach trends out by sector. Slide for details.


In this section, you will find helpful information, including analysis of past and recent data breaches and trends in our latest annual data breach reports and quarterly analysis breakdowns.


The ITRC gathers information about publicly reported data breaches from credible sources dating back to 2005 and offers access to this information through notified. The information contained in the notified database is offered “as is” and the ITRC does not guarantee the accuracy of the information reported. The source(s) of information is listed for each data breach entered into the notified database. Sources include government agencies, news media outlets, company news releases, filings, and publications, industry and trade websites, and direct notices provided by consumers or companies. The notified database is updated on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, and on weekends in the event of a significant data breach. 

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