The ITRC conducts independent surveys and studies to learn more about the complex crime of identity theft and related issues. Whitepapers written in collaboration with others, based on industry research and insight, are also available below. In addition, you will find data breach reports dating back to 2007.  If you have questions about any of the ITRC’s surveys, studies or whitepapers, or would like to speak with the ITRC about conducting customized research, please email

The Paradox of Declining Property Crime Despite Increasing Identity Theft Crime 2012

ITRC Tax Season and Beyond 2014


Surveys and Studies


ITRC Aftermath Victim Impact Studies 2018

The Impact of Identity Theft on Foster Youth 2018

Equifax: One Year Later – Aftermath Report 2018

Children & Family Social Media Habits Survey 2018

Social Media Habits & You Survey 2018

New Account Fraud – A Growing Trend in Identity Theft 2016

Identity Theft and Public WiFi Linked in Consumer Minds 2012

Facebook Social Media Survey 2012

Parenting and Social Media Survey 2012


Data Breaches