The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) is widely sought after for seminars, conferences and forums. Our speakers have traveled across the country to provide education for business groups, financial institutions, community organizations and various membership groups. Supporters may choose a one-time presentation from the list below. Presentations are 45 minutes in length and feature 15 minutes of live Q&A.

If you would like to arrange for a speaker presentation for your group or organization please send us a request at [email protected]

You may also request that a presentation be customized on a topic to meet your group’s specific needs. We welcome the opportunity to tailor a presentation to fit your organization’s specific interests.

Available Training & Presentations from the ITRC

101 – Identity Fundamentals 

Identity Fundamentals provides an essential understanding of consumer identity privacy. Participants move through a series of modules including:

  • Your Data Privacy Rights
  • How to Manage and Protect Your Identity
  • How Do Criminals Get My Information and How Do They Use It?
  • How Do I Fix This and Protect Myself?

Consumers who complete all 101 courses will feel confident they can protect their identities and navigate the recovery process should they ever fall victim to identity fraud.  (Our Hands-on Privacy series provides hands-on and in-depth instruction on these topics)

102 – Hands-on Privacy

Hands-on Privacy provides an in-depth and hands on approach to protecting participants digital footprints. Attendees move through a series of modules including:

  • Protecting Yourself in the Real World
  • What is a data compromise? How do compromises Happen? What do you do if you’ve been compromised? How can you prevent privacy compromises from happening?
  • Protecting Your Mobile Devices
  • Hands-on instructions, for both iPhone and Android users, are provided to manage and secure mobile device settings. Modules also include step-by-step privacy instructions for FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Venmo, Instagram, Pinterest and more.
  • Protecting Your Other Devices
  • Hands-on instructions, for both Desktop and Laptop users, are provided to manage and secure your devices.
103 – Identity Protection – Best Practices

Identity Protection – Best Practices education provides the opportunity for consumers to interact with experts in real time while discussing privacy issues around user names and passwords, drivers’ licenses, social security numbers, medical records, and criminal identity theft.

(Our Identity Protection in the Community series provides hands-on and in-depth instruction on these topics)

Identity Protection in the Community

The webinars below can be delivered as a set or individually. The ITRC is also open to discussing the impact on other communities and developing custom content upon request.

  • Identity Protection and Children
  • Identity Protection and the Elderly
  • Identity Protection and the Healthcare
  • Identity Protection and the Job Seeker
  • Identity Protection and the Military
  • Identity Protection and the Deceased

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