ID theft

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Updated Scams & Alerts


Scammers are using a “referendum on Social Security,” as a false pretense to request fraudulent donations.

Scammers are claiming to be representatives of local fire department seeking money for burn victims.

Scammers are listing homes for rent online that are actually occupied or for sale in order to steal deposits from college students looking for a place to live.

Scammers are using a new tactic to make the IRS phone scam more compelling.

Scammer’s are pretending to be credit card representatives in order to steal consumers credit card info.

Scammers send phony emails with dangerous links to infect your computer with a virus.

Scammers are sending fraudulent emails and text messages to students attempting to steal their student loan payments.

Scammers are using props from movies to pass off as real currency in Craigslist purchases.

 Hacked LinkedIn accounts are being used to send fraudulent job offers.

Fake Range Rover giveaway used to send expensive SMIShing texts to victims.

Scammers are tricking business owners into signing credit card contracts with higher fees.

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