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Scam Introduction

NO.  It’s not true…  THINK!

  • You have not won the lottery in Spain, the Netherlands, Canada or anywhere else. You didn’t buy a ticket, did you?
  • A poor widow or bank manager does not need your help to move money from a dead person’s account to another place.
  • The IRS is not electronically auditing you.
  • The jury duty clerk never calls for your Social Security number.
  • Banks and credit card companies do not email you to verify your information.

It is of prime importance to know the scams that thieves use to trick you into giving information.  They then use the information to steal your identity.  Compare this to a defensive driving course.  It is not enough to know how to use a phone or the Internet.  You must know how to use this technology safely, including increased awareness of situations that could lead to identity theft.

Scam Detector"'  — A New mobile & web-based application

Scam Detector"" has produced a multi-functional user application that provides awareness and solutions to financial fraud for consumers around the globe.  Through Scam Detector's vast network it has quickly become a fraud prevention mecca - a trusted source for people seeking information and guidance on every day fraud related industries.

Filled with easily accesible educational tools, resources for local, national, and international crime-prevention partners-- and now, the ability to instantly share news of fraudulent activities at the click of a button, Scam Detector"' is considered the go-to app for everyone.

Scam Detector''" exposes in detail the most fraudulent activities in the world. Users of the app will learn how these scams work and how to prevent themselves from financial fraud. The app is current as new scams are added periodically. The scams are grouped into the following categories:

auto scams button employment scams button facetoface  
online auction social network button telephone scam  
travel scams financial scams button Real Estate Scam button  

Every single scam in the app could be instantly shared on Twitter, Facebook, or by e-mail.  Scam Detector"" may be used on any computer with an Internet connection, or on your iPhone or Android. 

Please mark our Scam Page as a favorite and check it frequently.   We hope these pages will save you from a scam heartache and financial loss.

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Solution 25 – How Can I Tell if it is a Scam
Solution 13 – How do I Protect My Information on the Internet
Solution 19 – File Sharing and Peer - 2 - Peer Software Safety
Solution 20 – Email Account Take Over
Solution 25 - Detecting Scams
Solution 34 - IRS/ITRC Top 13 Things Taxpayers Should Know
Fact Sheet 142 - Protecting Your Computer from WiFi Dangers
Fact Sheet 147 - Risks of Mobile Applications 

Scam Detector

The following scams are provided by Scam Detector. Click on the links below to read and educate yourself!

Week May 25-31, 2015

1. Final Expenses Postcard Scam
2. Life Alert Scam
3. Payment Notification Scam
4. Plumber/Locksmith Scam
5. Asbestos Cancer Scam
6. Ancestry Reading Scam
7. Red Cross Worker Scam
8. Fine Wine Investment Scam
9. Sending Fax Scam
10. Credit Union Account Scam
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