Person holding phone with PayPal service on screen

Individuals are receiving scam text messages from PayPal requesting personal information.

Who Is It Targeting: Mobile Users

What Is It:  In this scam, an individual receives a spoofed text message from PayPal confirming their purchase of an item (computer, electronic, etc.) The text states the individual will be charged for this purchase unless they cancel the order. Since the individual has not, in fact, made the purchase and believes it is from PayPal, they follow the link to cancel and are unfortunately led to a spoofed website in which they login in and give up their PayPal account information.

What Are They After: Personal Information, financial account information

How Can You Avoid It:

  • Do not reply to unsolicited text messages with personal information.
  • Directly contact PayPal at 1-888-221-1161 about this suspicious activity.
  • Report a spoofed text message to your mobile carrier.

If you think you may be a victim of identity theft, contact the Identity Theft Resource Center for toll-free, no-cost assistance at (888) 400-5530. Find more information about current scams and alerts here.

For full details of this scam check out this article from ABC27.